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Strathmore University DressCode

Strathmore University bases its dress code on the application of the principles of modesty, decency and professional appropriateness. The dress code reinforces an atmosphere of professionalism and good grooming. This also projects the learning and positive transformational atmosphere within the university. Participants are thus expected to dress in a business-like manner.

For Ladies

  1. Skirt hemlines and slits should be below the knee.

  2. Shirts and blouses should be long enough to cover the mid-riff and must have sleeves. Low, plunging necklines are inappropriate. Sleeveless tops and dresses may be worn with a sleeved blouse, jacket or sweater underneath or over top.

  3. A tailored fit is always appropriate. Clothing that is too tight, too short,or too revealing is not appropriate.

  4. Participants are not allowed to wear track suits and shorts.

  5. Participants may wear elegant footwear of choice except rubber shoes andslippers.

For Gentlemen

  1. Shirts should be long enough to cover the torso and must have sleeves.

  2. Fabric for both shirts and trousers should be loose, not transparent and notclinging to the body.

  3. Footwear of choice may be worn except slippers and slipper-like sandals.

  4. Participants are not allowed to wear tracksuits, shorts and T-shirts.

We would be grateful for your cooperation in adhering to the dress code.

Thank you.

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